A baker of edible art. 
The ingredients are my canvas, 
the whisk is my paintbrush. 
Baking is my therapy. 
Based in Singapore.

In 2013, the twenty-one year old me stumbled upon the world of baking and its therapeutic qualities.

I had just returned from a half-year stay in Tokyo, and was inspired by the beautiful and delicious Japanese desserts I had there. And thus began my baking journey, which I documented on Sumopocky in hopes of inspiring others to bake too.

Baking is my therapy as it keeps me calm and allows the artist in me to be creative! Why is baking so relaxing? Maybe it's the hypnotising fashion in which the ingredients whir together in an electric mixer, or maybe my dough becomes a stress-ball when I knead. I feel triumphant when my macaron shells rise and form feet. And then there's the smell. Oh, the scent of freshly baked goods wafting from the oven and beckoning me for a bite. It's like the smell of fresh leather in a spanking new car or the smell of crisp pages when flipping through a new book. 

Initially, baking wasn't smooth sailing, no thanks to my ambitious goal of starting with macarons. Thankfully, after multiple tries, I succeeded with making macarons! Even now, there are bad baking days that drive me over the edge of craziness. However when it goes smoothly, witnessing the dessert come together from just plain ingredients is beyond satisfying. Thank you to the first baker who had the idea of combining egg, flour, milk, sugar, and butter to make the first cake. Truly a scientist in the kitchen, and a protector of sanity! 

When I'm not in the kitchen, I'm knee deep in thought-provoking novels and films. Hours are spent wandering in the fictional universes created by my favourite author, Haruki Murakami, or watching films by brilliant directors from the likes of Michel Gondry and Wes Anderson. And whenever a piece impacts me deeply, I have the natural compulsion to share them on this space.

So this is Sumopocky, a space dedicated to the good things in life that come from stepping into the kitchen, or scouring through a novel, or watching a well-directed and scripted film. 

My passion for baking was sparked by my love for macarons, thus naturally it is now my most popular and praised dessert. This elegant and sophisticated French treat is available at Sumopocky in classic style and bespoke designs.

Cute macarons

A literally sweet gift and message!

Macarons for parties and events

Of course apart from macarons, I bake other desserts like cakes, especially Japanese-styled cakes that are light, fluffy, and not as sweet.  Once in a while, I do go for the indulgent chocolate cakes. And I can never deny a good cheesecake. 

Not to forget, I have a weakness for chocolate and fruits. Good quality dark couverture chocolate makes such a difference to the taste of your desserts. And whenever I see a box of fresh berries, my mind races to think of the next dessert to make with them! 

Sumopocky's chocolate factory

Can't deny my love for fruits

sumopocky straits times
Featured on The Straits Times for my BAKE Cheese Tart Recipe

Stay tuned to Sumopocky for more recipes!