No Bake Chocolate Cake Recipe

December 12, 2019

No Bake Chocolate Cake Recipe

No Bake Chocolate Cake Recipe

Merry Christmas everybody! I'm excited to share this No Bake Chocolate Cake Recipe with you. Apart from being No Bake, it is also No Flour and No Added Sugar. Plus, it is super simple to make. It will be great for potlucks this festive season, or birthday celebrations on other days of the year 🥳

I've made a similar flourless chocolate cake before, but this recipe is slightly different and has more texture because I added dried cranberries and biscuits. This helps to balance out the richness of the chocolate.

No Bake Chocolate Cake Recipe

It's also my first time using this silicone mould, which I ordered online. Love how simple it is to get an elegant design just by using the silicone mould, definitely a good investment. Plus, they are easy to store. I hope I can find the time to experiment with more recipes to use this mould next year! #2020Resolution

No Bake Chocolate Cake RecipeNo Bake Chocolate Cake Recipe

Anyway, hope you enjoy this recipe, and thank you for supporting Sumopocky for yet another year! 🥰Have a great start to the new decade in 2020 🥂

by Sumopocky

Yield: 7.5cm diameter cake (approx 8 - 12 servings)

80g of Digestive Biscuits 
3 tablespoons of Fresh Milk
190g of Dark Chocolate
60g of White Chocolate
30g of Unsalted Butter
260ml of Fresh Cream
1.5 tbsp of Dried Cranberries
3 tbsp of Nutella
Cocoa powder (for sprinkling)
Cherries (optional for decoration)

1. In a ziplock/plastic bag, crush the digestive biscuits into bite-sized chunks.
2. Pour in the fresh milk, and massage into the biscuits. Set aside
3. In a separate metal bowl, melt the dark chocolate and white chocolate over a water bath.
4. Add the butter and stir till melted.
5. Gradually add the fresh cream while mixing.
6. Mix in the dried cranberries.
7. Transfer the chocolate mixture to a silicone cake mould.
8. Add the biscuits from step 2 for the "base". It doesn't have to be neat, just spread it around.
9. Add the nutella and spread it as the top layer.
10. Cover the cake with cling wrap and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.
11. Carefully remove the cake and dust the top with cocoa powder.
12. Finish decorating with 2 cherries on top.
13. Serve chilled and enjoy!

No Bake Chocolate Cake Recipe

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