Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006) Review

November 08, 2014

It is the opening scene. Like a fly on the wall, we observe our lead, Zia, tidying his humble room. Like a routine, there is nothing out of the ordinary. And before we know it, we have witnessed a suicide - Zia has slashed his wrist and entered the after-life. 

But in Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006), all suicide victims are trapped in limbo in a bizarre after-life. In this place filled with the sorrows of all who had prematurely terminated their lives, there are no smiles and stars. Everything is gray-washed, desaturated, and more depressing than it ever was. Zia departs on a journey to find his ex-girlfriend in this depressing place, and everything else uncovers from there on.

While the storyline was not particularly fantastic, the film was entertaining with its depiction of the absurd after-life. However, it is borderline sadistic that these people are being punished for committing suicide. They thought their miseries would end along with their lives. Instead, they are punished to be stuck in this melancholic hell-hole. How much pain must one take before it is acceptable to leave?

This film would set you thinking about what happens when we die. As depressing as the movie might sound, it is strangely light-hearted with a bit of humor. That's black comedy for you. Watch this film for an undoubtedly unique experience. 

Zia: When I’m here…with you, I kind of miss myself the way I used to be.
Mikal: What were you like?
Zia: I was… I was happy at a time.

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