Macarons, finally

May 11, 2013

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For a few months, the idea of baking macarons had been dancing in my mind. I guess the pressure from school and and disappointments in life made me want to redeem myself by being able to bake this difficult french cookie. 

I know, it's silly. 

It's almost as if I could prove myself worthy if the macarons were successful, so you can imagine how I cried in front of the oven when my first batch of macarons came out all cracked and angry. The second batch was less of a failure, but equally disappointing. 

However, this time, I finally succeeded! I was literally hopping with joy and making so much noise that my dad came into the kitchen to see what was the fuss all about. I never thought I'd be so happy to see those "feet" on my macaron shells (that were not cracked, finally!). The little baker in me was bursting with pride  

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My first batch of successful macarons

 photo DSC07019_zpsff298f26.jpg
Macarons with raspberry fillings

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 photo DSC06958_zpsd5b1a59e.jpg

 photo DSC06937_zpsc5d15e61.jpg

 photo DSC06927_zpsdf7b4491.jpg
Leaning tower of macarons

 photo DSC069222_zps8d4b13da.jpg

 photo DSC06914_zps45eaadc0.jpg

I followed this recipe. However, I didn't add mint flavoring and used red coloring instead of green. Also, I did both the macaronage process and piping in an air conditioned room. 

Anyway, below are the pictures of my first batch of macarons that failed tragically...

 photo 69a5fe31c7028363f864f05026918f4b_zpsd330e3cd.jpg
Look at how sad they are

 photo 97db858056fb7f382f5585487c140b8b_zps78d8c3ad.jpg
You can tell from the picture above how frustrated I was with how the macaron shells were scattered all over the place and how I scrunched up the parchment paper in the background. hahaha.

 photo 58e8610d1a28a1194753e42c57a0b861_zps04ee7998.jpg
Super sad macarons, I was half laughing and crying when I took this picture hahahaha. I didn't bother to take a picture of my second attempt at making macarons because they failed too.

 photo fdc6f434b267b1d110927bec9f2f5c75_zps4dc672bf.jpg
Finally, proper macaron shells! At first, they weren't baked enough, and so they stuck to the bottom of the parchment paper. But the fourth tray onwards, I got the correct temperature and timing, and they came out perfectly.

 photo 374cad15983c6c5a92b84b2760eb17c8_zps9e2fc056.jpg

 photo 7d019631f0bc77a1afd9bf2268b8f4dd_zps40f10ca0.jpg
Finally a decent macaron shell

 photo 5b24d89f75384ad908c446d215ed98db_zps57e2fa88.jpg

To be honest, other than doing the macaronage process in an air con room and letting the piped macarons sit for a longer time before going into the oven, I don't know how else I succeeded. My last tray of macarons even came out cracked when the others were fine.

Every thing is still pretty much trial and error, and so my fingers are crossed that my next attempt at macarons would be equally successful! Regardless, I can finally strike one item off my bucket list!

Bake macarons

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