Panda Macarons ♥ パンダのマカロン

June 21, 2013

Say "hi" to the panda macarons that I made a few weeks ago! Half a batch were green tea flavoured, while the other half were raspberry flavoured. Really pleased with the the refreshing raspberry filling, but the green tea filling was still too sweet for my liking. I drew the faces on with dark chocolate, and the rosy cheeks were just left over raspberry filling! (laziness = me)


 photo DSC07214_zps08c7dbce.jpg
可愛すぎる!too cute!

 photo DSC07244_zpsb3cf4b28.jpg
もう一度食べたい!Craving for them again!

 photo DSC07254_zps2fb46428.jpg
Other random designs! 他のデザインもありました!

 photo DSC07188_zps5eebcb85.jpg

 photo DSC07210_zps06575b52.jpg
In case your macarons cracked down the middle, you can cover them with chocolate like I did. Ingenious way to salvage those macaron shells!


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