Christmas and Kansai

March 15, 2013

Christmas 2012 in Ginza:

 photo DSC04856_zps1b125002.jpg

 photo DSC04896_zpsb2fd8194.jpg
Beautiful Tokyo Tower

 photo DSC04855_zps0ffa099e.jpg
Somehow, this reminds me of Beauty and the Beast

 photo DSC04911_zpsb0452937.jpg
Yummy scones. The one on the right with the smiley face is 女の子のおすすめ! (women's favourite!)


Exploring KANSAI. First up, Kobe:

 photo DSC05121_zps3407d2ec.jpg

Our hotel was the white arched building on the right. It's supposed to look like a cruise.

 photo DSC05149_zps6b903b39.jpg
The wind was so cold! I was suffering on the first day despite wearing so many layers.

 photo DSC05151_zpsbebaddfe.jpg

 photo DSC05203_zpsa954b462.jpg
Tried Kobe beef!

 photo DSC05209_zps69726563.jpg

 photo DSC05223_zps0f65f751.jpg
My first Mont Blanc. Now I'm hooked.

 photo DSC05241_zpsd668f24d.jpg

 photo DSC05248_zps4db51112.jpg

 photo DSC05259_zpse8710926.jpg
Buffet for brunch at the Fisherman's Market!

 photo DSC05263_zps2b7a79e4.jpg

 photo DSC05264_zpsfbe1999d.jpg

 photo DSC05267_zpsbc080096.jpg

 photo DSC05272_zpsc309a7bc.jpg
Nom nom nom.

 photo DSC05332_zps4ebe631e.jpg

 photo DSC05345_zps7d9f562b.jpg

 photo DSC05434_zps5001946d.jpg
Had a severe craving for oyako don.

 photo DSC05439_zps113bf127.jpg
Excited to eat my first oyako don in Japan


N A R A, Land of the Deers:

 photo DSC05474_zps700a1c4d.jpg

Visited the deer park in Nara!

 photo DSC05492_zps1a3bca36.jpg
These deers became so aggressive when I tried to feed them. A bunch of them encircles you and head butts you... they won't stop till they get food!

 photo DSC05529_zpsf2ce3131.jpg
This was one of the really sweet deers that didn't attack us

 photo DSC05531_zpse2d52667.jpg

 photo DSC05548_zps736265fe.jpg
Streets of Nara

 photo DSC05567_zpsdd6a66ac.jpg


U J I's green tea stole my heart...:

 photo DSC05580_zps52c24e8a.jpg

Stayed at a Ryokan

 photo DSC05670_zpsa8fb1eaf.jpg
Bought Mister Donuts!

 photo DSC05695_zpsf3e36f1e.jpg

 photo DSC05740_zps0951146e.jpg
Fell in love with all the green tea stuff in Uji

 photo DSC05750_zpsc46f3d2e.jpg

 photo DSC05754_zps2a869a36.jpg
Cha Soba (Green Tea Soba) on a cold day = love

 photo DSC05732_zps3e1235b9.jpg

 photo DSC05789_zps85922e1d.jpg

 photo DSC05793_zps64e064c9.jpg

 photo DSC05822_zpsd32b2af0.jpg
Loved the Cha soba and Oyako don!

 photo DSC05763_zps9b49d947.jpg

 photo DSC05873_zps273999c3.jpg
Matcha dessert

 photo DSC05880_zps96fd1929.jpg

 photo DSC05794_zps5b1c2e9e.jpg
Rainy but beautiful streets of Uji

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