Jelly Cheesecake Recipe

February 26, 2021


This Jelly Cheesecake is a no bake recipe, with original and chocolate cheesecake batter and a raspberry jelly on top.

To make the cake look more interesting visually, I added the sliced bananas and made two types of cheesecake batter - original and chocolate. You can choose not to include the bananas or add the chocolate if you prefer something simpler.


It's been some time since I experimented in the kitchen, and I'm glad this cake turned out well even though it was my first time making it. 

I hope to have more opportunities to experiment with new recipes, but I still find it challenging now that I've become a mother. I truly cherish the time I get to spend with my daughter, and that means sacrificing time in the kitchen.

Jelly Cheesecake Recipe

I'm looking forward to the day when my daughter can enjoy baking with me! 

Meanwhile, I am clinging on to these precious moments with her as she grows up so quickly ❤️

Jelly Cheesecake Recipe
(No Bake Original and Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberry Jelly)

[For Biscuit Base]
80g of Digestive biscuits
50g of Melted unsalted butter
Half a banana, sliced

[For Cheesecake Batter]
200ml of Heavy cream
200g of Cream cheese
40g of Caster sugar
7g of Gelatin powder
3 tablespoons of Water
70g of Dark chocolate

[For Raspberry Jelly]
1/2 packet or 60g of Jelly powder (I used Hollyfarms Konnyaku Jelly Powder)
250g of Water
30g of Raspberry jam

[For Biscuit Base]
1. Crush digestive biscuits
2. Mix unsalted butter with the biscuits
3. Line a cake pan with a cake collar, with cling wrap at the bottom. Then, fill the base with the crushed biscuit butter mix.
4. Press the biscuit base firmly into the bottom.
5. This step is optional: Line the sides of the cake pan with sliced bananas.
6. Refrigerate while you prepare the cheesecake batter.

[For Cheesecake Batter]
1. Beat heavy cream, till it is about 50% whipped.
2. Mix in the cream cheese and caster sugar.
3. In a separate bowl, add water to gelatin powder and wait till it blooms. Then, add and mix well into the cheesecake batter.
4. Split the batter in two. Remove the cake pan from the fridge, and fill the pan with half of the batter. Place in the freezer.
5. Meanwhile, melt the dark chocolate and mix into the remaining half of batter.
6. Remove the cake pan from the freezer, and add the chocolate cheesecake batter from step 5. Smooth it out, and place back in the freezer.

[For Raspberry Jelly]
1. Boil the water in a pot.
2. Add jelly powder, and mix well. Stir continuously.
3. Mix in the raspberry jam.
4. Pour the raspberry jelly on top of the cheesecake. Let it harden in the fridge.

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