LEGO Macaron Recipe

December 31, 2020

LEGO Macarons Recipe

Any LEGO fans out there? These LEGO macarons were super fun to make! For those not familiar with LEGO, they are the heads of the LEGO minifigures. I think my favourite one is the happy fella with the big wide smile. 

Watch the video below to see how I piped these macarons. It can be challenging for beginners to pipe the shape of these LEGO macarons, because it is somewhat rectangular. When I first started baking macarons with designs, piping rectangular shapes has always been a challenge. 

LEGO Macarons Recipe

I discovered that it is easier to pipe rectangular macarons by using a piping bag with a smaller tip (roughly 4 to 5mm diameter). I use a plastic piping bag and snip the ends to get the right size needed. By using a smaller tip, it is easier to control the amount of batter piped out. If you pipe out too much, the batter will end up spreading and you are likely to get a more oval versus rectangular shape. So, be patient when piping! 

Email me at if you want the template for these macarons. 

Have fun making these!

by Sumopocky

Yield: ~20 macarons

[For Macaron Shells] 
Meringue: 70g of Egg whites + 90g of Castor sugar
80g of Almond flour
80g of Powdered/icing sugar
Food colouring (refer to Step 4)

[For Macaron Filling]
Select your macaron filling here

[For Macaron Shells] 
1. Make the meringue. In a bowl, beat the egg whites on low speed using an electric mixer until it is white and frothy (approximately 1 minute). Gradually add the sugar 1/4 at a time. When the first addition of sugar has completely dissolved (approximately 1 minute later), increase the mixer speed to medium and add until all the sugar has been incorporated. Continue to beat until stiff peaks form.
2. Sift the almond flour and icing sugar to the meringue.
3. Begin macaronage. Using a spatula, start the macaronage process by folding and lightly scraping the top of the batter. Continue until the wet and dry ingredients just start to become combined. In other words, you can't see traces/clumps of almond flour/icing sugar in the meringue. At this point, the batter should still be quite tacky.
4. Refer to the table below to portion batter in different colours. For decoration, scoop out quantity according to table and transfer to a piping bag with a small tip. To the remaining batter, continue to macaronage, until you get a molten-like mixture and drips down like a ribbon when lifted. Then transfer this white batter to piping bags with tip approximately 4 to 5mm diameter. Note: quantities in table are estimates only, please adjust accordingly if needed
For Decoration

Black (1.5 tbsp)
White (1 tsp)
Red (1 tbsp)

Main Batter

(remaining batter)
5. Pipe out shells onto parchment paper. Please refer to video above for demonstration. Remember to pipe equal number of top and bottom shells.
6. Let the shells dry in a non humid place or an air conditioned room. You should be able to touch it gently with the tip of your finger without it sticking.
7. Bake in a preheated oven at 150°C for approximately 15 minutes.
8. Let shells cool and pipe with your desired filling. Enjoy!

LEGO Macarons Recipe

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  1. I'm happy that you can't wait to test the LEGO macaron recipe. Kids will enjoy the creative part of creating these tasty delights, and it's a great way to spend meaningful time with them. Please ask any queries you may have or if you need advice on how to follow the instructions. Cheers to constructing and baking!