Chocolate Banana Chiffon Cake Recipe

July 11, 2020

Chocolate Banana Chiffon Cake Recipe

Chocolate Banana Chiffon Cake Recipe

Chocolate Banana Chiffon Cake Recipe

Chocolate Banana Chiffon Cake Recipe

This Chocolate Banana Chiffon Cake is a fluffy, chocolate banana dream. The chocolate chiffon cake is filled with chocolate banana cream - inspired by Cooking Tree 쿠킹트리.  

I loved how this cake turned out in terms of the flavour and design. It's my first time filling chiffon cake with cream, which can be quite tricky as the cake might tear if you fill it too much. Not only is it a unique decoration technique that Cooking Tree created, it adds flavour in an innovative way.

Who would have thought that you can fill a chiffon cake like a choux puff? 😄

Chocolate Banana Chiffon Cake Recipe

Overall, I love how this cake turned out in terms of the flavour and design. My hubby is a fan of the chocolate and banana combination, so I am glad to have a new recipe for him! 🥰

by Sumopocky

7 inch chiffon cake pan
Piping Bag 
0.5-0.8cm Round Piping Tip 

[For Banana Chiffon Cake]
100g of Banana

4 Egg whites (approx 140g)
35g of Caster Sugar

4 Egg yolks
35g of Caster Sugar
2 tbsp of Vegetable oil (27ml)
80g of Cake Flour
1 tbsp of Water

[For Chocolate Banana Cream]
100ml of Heavy Cream 
25g of Cocoa Powder
1 Large Banana, mashed

[For Decoration]
A few slices of banana (optional)

[For Banana Chiffon Cake]
1. Preheat the oven to 190℃.
2. Mash the banana with a fork and sieve it. Set aside. 
3. In a large mixing bowl, beat the the egg yolks and caster sugar. 
4. Mix in the vegetable oil and banana. 
5. Sift in the cake flour. 
6. Mix in the water. 
7. Prepare the meringue. Using an electric mixer, beat the egg whites till they start to froth. Add the caster sugar gradually. Beat till stiff peaks form and set aside. 
8. Add 1/3 of the meringue to the egg yolk mixture, and use a whisk to mix well. 
9. Fold in the rest of the meringue until there are no lumps. 
10. Transfer the batter to the chiffon cake pan. Knock the pan against the table to remove air bubbles. 
11. Place the cake in the preheated oven, and lower the temperature to 170℃. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes. 
12. Remove the cake pan from the oven, and let the cake cool upside down on top of a cooling rack. 
13. Once the cake has cooled completely, gently press the top of the cake to release the cake from the pan. 

[For Chocolate Banana Cream]
1. Sift cocoa powder to the heavy cream and mix well.
2. Add the mashed bananas. With an electric mixer, continue beating till stiff peaks form. 
3. Transfer to a piping bag with a round tip. 

[Assemble the Cake]
1. Using a chopstick, make 6 holes along the circumference of the cake (watch video for demonstration)
2. Squeeze the cream into the chiffon cake. Be careful not to overfill the cake if not it will tear. 
3. Decorate the top with cream and sliced bananas. Enjoy!

Chocolate Banana Chiffon Cake Recipe

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  1. Hi Erika, may I know the brand of the heavy cream you used? Thank you for the recipe!!

  2. Hello! how does this cake rise? does it need baking powder or baking soda? thank you :)

    1. Hi Venne! It rises from the air in the meringue (the beaten egg whites and sugar)

  3. Hi Robin! Thank you so much for your message. I will post more lactation cookies recipe in the future 🥰

  4. i made this and it's awesome! i just couldn't get the cream firm and smooth enough to pipe it as nicely as you did. thanks for the recipe! hope to see more cream-filled chiffon recipes!

    1. Hi Amy! Thank you, glad you liked my recipe! Maybe you can try to beat the cream for longer to make it firmer.

  5. What is the height of your pan?