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September 19, 2018

flower bouquet singapore macarons

flower bouquet singapore macarons

It always makes my heart bloom to receive flowers 😍And so, I was really happy to receive a beautiful rustic-style bouquet from Floral Garage Singapore.

flower bouquet singapore macarons

In fact, this is not the first time that I received bouquets from Floral Garage, because my husband has ordered from them more than once! (I'm so blessed to have a husband who believes in giving flowers πŸ˜†)

They do such a good job with their free-style bouquets, because they ask a series of questions to understand the customer's preference, and design a personalised bouquet based on that. Thus, some of the most beautiful bouquets that I've received from Jonathan is from Floral Garage. And the good news is that their free-style bouquets only start from $34.90!

For this bouquet, I simply said I liked the rustic style, and they put together such a beautiful bouquet. Love the pastel colours, looks very dreamy. I wish I had this as my bouquet for my wedding!

Throwback to the bouquet that Jonathan gave to me for Valentine's day, also from Floral Garage

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