Brownie Mooncakes Tutorial

September 24, 2018

brownie mooncake recipe

Happy mid-autumn festival! This is a simple tutorial on how I made Brownie "Mooncakes" - brownies shaped like mooncakes. You can use your favourite brownie recipe, but I would highly recommend using a fudgy brownie recipe. This is so that it wouldn't be too "cake-y" and crumble instead of holding the mooncake shape. 

I used a hand-pressure moon cake mould to make this, so that it is easier to push the brownie out from the mould. I could only find square ones in the baking store near my house. I'd love to try making round versions in the future!

mooncake mould
Hand-pressure Moon Cake Mould | Pic credit 

Important: the brownie has to be chilled in the fridge for at least 2 hours so that it is sturdy enough to retain the shape of the mould. If the brownie is too hard when it is removed from the fridge, let it warm it slightly (5 minutes in Singapore weather). Make sure it's not left out for too long, if not it might become too soft to handle.

brownie mooncake recipe

Another tip is to brush the mould with butter so that it is easier to remove the brownie. I struggled with a few of them because the brownie kept getting stuck to the top of my mould.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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