Words from December

December 07, 2015

December, you've arrived again. It seems like just recently when we last met, and there we were having deep conversations about the future. You know, the usual yearly affair? An air of apprehension and excitement hung over us, and our eyes were wide open in fear of missing whatever was to come. 

Here we are again continuing our conversation as I fill you in on the happenings in the past year. You're as attentive as always, nodding your head and giving insightful comments at all the right moments. It's okay, you tell me, when I confide in my failures and regrets. Hang in there and we'll just see where this goes, you reassure me. 

As we round up our conversation and we finished our last sips of tea,  you encouraged me once again. 

Life might shake you up once in a while, but don't get jaded. Live in the present, but remember not to lose sight of your dreams. Have faith and take deep breaths, because there is little point in worrying about parts of the future not under your control. Take some risks, even if it means a detour; Because you know you'd regret if you never tried. Know that you are allowed to break down once in a while, just pick yourself up again. Most importantly, you don't have to be in a rush to define yourself because we are ever evolving, learning, and growing. Just keep your heart warm and mind wide open, and tell me about your journey when we meet again next year.

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