Meatball Bear Bento

March 04, 2015

It's been quite some time since I've made a bento. Recently, I prepared a meatball bear bento, paired with pasta, avocado cucumber maki, crabmeat, and some greens! 

Here's how you can create a kawaii meatball bear for your bento!

Sliced cheese (like those from Kraft)
Dried seaweed nori 
Uncooked spaghetti 
A bit of mayonnaise

1. Cook the meatballs. I used the instant meatballs from Ikea, which taste really good by the way. There are two ways of preparing the frozen Ikea meatballs, either through microwaving or baking in the oven. I personally prefer baking it as it makes the meatballs more flavorful.

2. For the head, use one meatball. From another meatball, slice two semi circles for the ears.

3. Break small pieces of spaghetti to attach the ears to the head. Pierce it from the top of the ear to the head. 

4. Cut out an oval from the sliced cheese. This would form the snout area. Use mayonnaise (or other kinds of sauce) to stick the cheese to the meatball head. 

5. Cut out three ovals for the eyes and nose, and a V-shape for the mouth. Use mayonnaise to stick them to form the bear's facial features. And viola, a meatball bear is born! 


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