Emoji Macarons

January 14, 2015

Hi! Valentine's day is just around the corner, and what better way to express your emotions with these expressive Emoji macarons! Show your love in a yummy form... or maybe hate, shyness, heartbreak, flirtation and many more.

I still remember the days when phones weren't as advanced, and all emoticons had to be formed using symbols like ":) ;) :P". They were so plain and one-dimensional. Even worse, the heads are perpetually sideways.

What a vast difference there is between Emojis and the old emoticons, impacting the way we text. Here are 5 ways Emojis has changed texting.

1. When you are in shock, you can be as appalled as the person in The Scream painting. Every day I receive shocking messages, and my heart screams like this Emoji when I read them.

2. When you come across something ridiculous, inexplicable, and down-right funny, you can now cry from laughter My friends and I use this Emoji frequently. It is probably one of my favourite Emojis as it aptly depicts the feeling of wanting to laugh-and-cry in a comically terrible situation. I use it whenever something bad happens to me, but the situation would have been something terrible funny that happens to a character in a sitcom. 

3. Take flirtation to another level with Emojis that blow kisses and wink.  You can even be cheeky and leave lipstick stains 

4. Just left someone a cool message? You can now accompany it with a cool Emoji. Can this sunglasses dude get any cooler?  (Actually no, I must admit he looks pretty lame sometimes. But he does come in handy to depict douche bags.)

5. And finally we have the Emoji with the widest smile.  Is he happy or is he not? Is his smile genuine or does he secretly want to kill you? Is he just showing off his sparkly white teeth? I don't know, but I love it. It can stand for so many things and can be interpreted in different ways.

Specially for Valentine's Day, you can order a box of macarons with a Valentine's day greeting and an Emoji macaron of your choice (or a macaron with a name written on it)! Each box of ten macarons is sold at $35, inclusive of complementary gift box packaging. 

5 Dark Chocolate and 5 Raspberry Macarons in a box

Choose your favourite Emoji to go in the gift box

 Please email sumopockymail@gmail.com to order! Thank you 

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