Christmas Macaron Collection 2014

December 09, 2014

Hi. The past couple of weeks have been pretty eventful. A noteworthy point in my life is that I have finally bid goodbye to bad eyesight and performed Epilasik. I visited Eagle Eye Centre with one of my closest friends, Delphine. Both of us hoping to embark on the journey towards perfect (or almost perfect) eyesight. 

Epilasik is different from lasik. While there might be less risks and side effects involved for epilasik, the recovery time is much longer as compared to lasik. The first couple of days was spent writhing in pain, where it felt like my eyes were perpetually burning. Similar to having soap/chilli in your eyes. After four to five days, the pain goes away but vision is still blurry and would fluctuate. At the moment, my vision is not perfect but I am still able to function and go about doing daily tasks... like baking! 

I am glad that I am still able to bake despite doing Epilasik. I spent my weekend baking a batch of orders for Christmas macarons. I will be baking another batch this weekend. Thank you for all your support! 

The 2014 Christmas Macaron collection consists of Snowman, Tiffany and Co. present, Mistletoe, and Christmas tree macarons. 

Christmas Trees macaron 

Mistletoe Macaron

2014 Sumopocky Christmas Macaron Collection 

Plain Mint green and White macarons for a sweet customer's 21st Birthday! Happy birthday babe! 

Christmas tree macaron tower

I still have one or two more Christmas dessert recipes coming up! They are simple recipes that you can make with your loved ones. So stay tuned!

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  1. hello hello! :>

    yay to our perfect eyesight!! And as always, your baking looks sooo gooodddd :>