Matcha Tiramisu Recipe

December 22, 2013

Hi there! Put your log cakes, puddings, and gingerbread aside! This christmas, celebrate with Matcha Tiramisu (Green Tea)! A Japanese twist on the classic Italian Tiramisu is a unique way of celebrating this festive season. Your guests would be pleasantly surprised with this untraditional and un-sinful christmas treat.

The matcha cream cheese matched with a generous layer of Azuki beans = match made in heaven (or matcha made in heaven. okay sorry for my cold joke hahaha). I seriously cannot think of a greater combination than matcha and azuki beans. 
Yet Matcha Tiramisu is not entirely remote from Christmas! After all, the Matcha bears some resemblance to a Christmas tree... being green and all. And it contains the christmas colours of red (from the azuki beans) and green (from the matcha)! This tiramisu would also be great for non-coffee lovers. For all the Matcha lovers out there, definitely try this recipe! オススメです(Highly recommended)!

A great idea for the presentation of this dessert would be to serve them in Chawanmushi cups! You can find these cups at places such as Daiso. Really adds a little extra Japanese feel to the tiramisu. If you wish to trick someone into thinking the tiramisu is chawanmushi, don't sprinkle matcha powder over the tiramisu! This is because the tiramisu base bears a similar colour to the egg in chawanmushi! I'd be tricked if I weren't paying attention hahaha. 

Anyway, here's my very own Green Tea chawanmushi recipe! 


2 eggs
250g Mascarpone Cheese
Around 10 Lady Finger Biscuits
2 Tablespoons of Caster Sugar
Matcha powder (~100g)
1 cup of Azuki beans (red beans)

1. Separate the egg yolks from the egg white.
2. Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks are formed, but be sure not to over-beat them or the egg whites would become too dry!
3. Add two tablespoons of Caster sugar to the egg yolks and beat till a thick and creamy mixture is formed. Then, add the Mascarpone Cheese and mix until there are no lumps.
4. Sieve in 2-3 tablespoons of matcha powder to the mixture of egg yolks, sugar, and cheese. (The amount of matcha powder added can be varied to suit your tastes ^__^)
5. Add the meringue (beaten egg whites from step 2) to the mixture and gently fold it in until thoroughly combined.
6. Now, time for the azuki beans! Simply wash some azuki/red beans and add to three cups of water. Let it boil and cook for around 1-2 hours. (Timing depends on how fast your beans take to soften
7. When the beans start to soften, they are ready! Remove from heat and leave to cool.
8. Brew a cup of green tea and dip the biscuits into the tea for a few seconds
9. Get your chawanmushi cups/bottles/trays ready and line the base with the biscuits!
10. Spread a generous layer of the cooked azuki beans above the biscuits!
11. Add a layer of the mascarpone cream cheese mixture. Sieve a layer of matcha powder. Add another layer of the mascarpone cream cheese mixture.
12. Depending on the size of your chawanmushi cup/glass jar/container, you can choose to repeat steps 11 and 12!
13. Leave the matcha tiramisu to set in the fridge for at least 8 hours (preferably overnight). To serve, sieve some matcha powder over the top!

And you're done! This dessert is simple yet full of matcha goodness. Please try it out! See you guys next time! できました!簡単でしょう? ぜひ作ってみてください!またね!

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