Christmas Macarons

December 17, 2013

Is it really that time of the year again? My mind can't wrap around the fact that Christmas is coming, and yet another year is about to pass. By virtue of one way or the other, I was somehow infected with the festive spirit as early as November, way before Christmas was due. I even changed all of my phone and laptop wallpapers to Christmas ones haha. And in all my festive joy and excitement, I decided to bake some Christmas macarons! 

Presenting, a batch of very merry christmas macarons!

I'm simply in love with the colour scheme! White, red and green = the colours of Christmas!

The flavours are Earl grey, Pistachio, Dark chocolate and raspberry, Buttercream and raspberry, and Strawberry! 5 different christmassy flavours! I was thinking of making candy-cane flavoured ones, but I don't really fancy the taste of candy-canes. Also, a quick survey among my friends confirmed my suspicion that candy-canes are pretty but not yummy. (Just like how gingerbread tastes disgustingly like ginger. Or am I the only one who doesn't like gingerbread?)

Look at how cute and festive they are! ^__^

Here are the 5 different flavours! Firstly, Earl grey! 

What I like about these Earl Grey macarons is that they are not too sweet, and every bite into this macaron feels as if you are taking a sip out of a piping hot cup of Earl Grey tea. Did you know that Earl Grey tea is a natural anti-depressant? So this literally lifts your christmas spirits up! ^__^

Next up, Buttercream and Raspberry!

These macarons are so ethereal and sparkly. The candy sprinkles are so festive, and the sweetness is balanced out by the tangy raspberry and oh-so-great buttercream! Yum!

Moving on, Pistachio flavour! I've always wanted to bake pistachio macarons, and I'm so glad that I finally did! I actually ground fresh pistachio nuts by hand (because I don't have a food processor), and I'm really satisfied with how they turned out. The filling is so nutty and rich with the taste of pistachio. Can't go wrong with this one!

Not forgetting these pretty strawberry macarons! 

Who says that strawberries are only meant for summer? ;) Strawberries would be good any time of the year! And what better flavour to go with these pretty pink swirled macaron shells? 

And finally, my favourite design of them all... these beautiful and psychedelic Dark chocolate and Raspberry macarons.

Look at how gorgeous the swirls are! I wanted to incorporate the beauty of candy-canes into the macarons. Also, dark chocolate and raspberry are heavenly together. I am not a crazy chocolate lover, but I do love dark chocolate; and I love them even more with raspberries. 

You absolutely need to try these. Anyone would be won over with the pretty swirls and cute heart in the middle. 

Can't stop raving about these macarons!

So there you have it, my 5 different Christmas macarons! Hope this entry gets you into the Christmas mood (if you are not feeling it yet hahaha). I really love these macarons and they were such a joy to make.

If you'd like some of these merry macarons for yourself or your loved ones, email me at! :) Hurry, before christmas arrives!

Each box contains 5 different flavours of macarons and would be the perfect gift for any dessert lover. (I'd be thrilled to receive a box of macarons for christmas! ^__^) 

Merry macaron christmas in advance! ♥

Love, Yue Huan

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