Toy Story Aliens Macarons

November 14, 2013

I am absolutely unabashed to declare my love for Disney. The kid in me has never died. In fact, I've been feeding it with an endless stream of Disney movies, cartoons, and TV shows ever since I was introduced to the happiest place on Earth. One of my favourite movies growing up was Toy Story. Watching Toy Story 3 simply highlighted the fact that the kids who grew up watching Toy Story are no longer kids. We've all grown up. We're just like Andy starting a new chapter in life. Nevertheless, my love for Disney would never die. No matter how jaded I'd become, Disney would be a reminder of all things magical.

I'm eternally grateful for Disney

Anyway, I was once again sucked into the vortex of Disney magic when Sulin's friend ordered macarons from me. I was thrilled to learn that she wanted to order some Toy Story Alien macarons. These macarons are a tribute to my inner-child, and kicks start my first of many Disney themed macarons! 

Toy Story Aliens
Citrus flavoured alien macarons

Toy Story Aliens

Toy Story Aliens
Alien 1: "A stranger"
Alien 2: "From the outside"
All aliens: "Oooohhhh"

Toy Story Aliens
How cute are they???

I hope these cute alien macarons put a smile on your face! I'll be blogging about how to make macarons soon, so stay tuned if you'd like to find out the tips and tricks to handling this finicky dessert! See you soon. 

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  1. how can we place orders for macarons with you?

    1. Hi!.Please email for orders:)