November 07, 2013

Hi there. A couple of weeks ago, I had an order from a customer to make dinosaur macarons. I love receiving unique orders like these, a thrlls me to push my boundaries and be as creative as possible. I could have stuck with a plain and traditional round macarons, but I decided to be adventurous and made them Dino-shaped instead; I'm glad they succeeded! So here they are, dinorons!

You're gonna hear me roooooooar! 

You held me down but I got up,
already brushing off the dust
you hear my voice you hear that sound
like thunder gonna shake the ground
you held me down but I got up
get ready 'cause i’ve had enough

These days, I seem more lost than ever. All I see is the world spinning around me. It's as if I'm glancing out of the window and observing life from a moving train. Fading memories, forgotten words, zooming by with the passing of time. How long would it be till I find myself again? An irreplaceable part of my soul has been carelessly misplaced in Japan. I'll be fine. Soon enough, I'll be fine. 頑張ります。

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