Baileys Snow Skin Mooncake (Strawberries & Cream Baileys)

September 20, 2021

Baileys Snow Skin Mooncake

Baileys Snow Skin Mooncake

Baileys Snow Skin Mooncake

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 

These Baileys Snow Skin Mooncakes are infused with the Strawberries & Cream Baileys edition - from the snow skin, to the lotus paste, to the chocolate "yolk". 

To get the two-toned snow skin, simply make two different colours of dough. Roll them into small sausages, twist them together, then roll them into a ball. Flatten the ball and you've got yourself a beautiful two-toned snow skin mooncake!

Baileys Snow Skin Mooncake

Baileys Snow Skin Mooncake

This recipe makes approximately 7 x 50g snow skin mooncakes. I used Redman's Snow Skin Pre-mix and pre-made Lotus Paste, so it was much simpler to make. Even so, it required quite a bit of effort and time, so I truly admire those who make mooncakes from scratch! 

If you're a beginner at making mooncakes (like I am), I highly recommend getting the pre-mix and pre-made stuff first, so that you get the hang of it. 

Hope you enjoyed this simple, easy snow skin mooncake recipe! 

using Strawberries & Cream Baileys
by Sumopocky

Makes approximately 7 snow skin mooncakes
50g mooncake mould used

[For Baileys Snow Skin]
100g of Snow skin Pre-mix
60ml of Baileys
20g of Shortening

[For Baileys Chocolate "Yolk"]
55g of White chocolate
10ml of Baileys
Red food colouring

[For Baileys Lotus Paste]
150g of Lotus Paste (Redman's no added sugar ready-made paste)
10ml of Baileys

[For Baileys Snow Skin]
1. Knead in the Snow Skin Pre-Mix with shortening
2. Gradually add the Baileys while you knead the dough
3. Wrap in cling wrap and chill in the fridge for at least 10 minutes

[For Baileys Chocolate "Yolk"]
1. Melt the white chocolate
2. Add in Baileys
3. Add a tiny bit of red food colouring to get pink
4. Wrap approximately 7g of chocolate in a cling wrap and roll it like a dumpling to form a ball
5. Freeze till it hardens
6. Once hardened, remove the cling wrap and use your hands to mould the chocolate into a ball.
7. Set aside in the fridge

[For Baileys Lotus Paste]
1. Knead Baileys into the lotus paste and set aside
[To Assemble]
1. Remove the snow skin dough from the fridge, and divide into 2 portions. To one of the portions, add red food colouring and knead it in to get pink dough.
2. Portion out the ingredients according to the following:
- 25G OF Baileys Snow Skin(12g of white, 13g of pink dough)
- 20G OF Baileys Lotus Paste
- 1 X Chocolate "yolk"
3. Be sure to cover the snow skin with cling wrap as you work, to avoid it from drying out.
4. Roll the lotus paste into a ball, and flatten into a disc with the palm of your hand. Wrap the chocolate "yolk" with the lotus paste, and roll into a ball.
5. Roll the two coloured dough into 2 small sausages, twist them together, then roll them into a ball.  Flatten into a disc between your palms, and wrap Step 4.
6. Dust the mooncake with the snow skin pre-mix, and place into the mooncake mould.
7. On a dusted surface, press down the mooncake using the mould.
8. Chill in an airtight container before serving.

Baileys Snow Skin Mooncake

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