What You Need to Know About Baking With Edible Flowers

April 11, 2019

(This article is a Guest Post, courtesy of Little Flower Hut)

The natural beauty, delightful scent, and wide array of colors make flowers an ideal choice to decorate cakes. Some flowers are edible, too, which is why some florists incorporate the petals in any buttercream flower bouquet cakes. Little Flower Hut also a great option to source out cakes with edible flowers. The Florist Singapore has an excellent line up of the best suppliers of cakes that specifically use flowers as main decorations. If you want to put edible flowers on your buttercream bouquet cakes, here are some of the things that you should know: 

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1. Know which types of flowers are edible. 
The world is full of magnificent and stunning flowers but not all are edible and can be eaten. If you are looking for flowers to add to your bouquet cake, the best step is to ask your florist. There are flowers that are toxic to human and even to animals while there are flowers that are not only edible and tasty but also medicinal and healthy to eat. Flowers such as Hibiscus, Roses, Sunflowers, Violets, Calendulas, Nasturtiums, and more are safe to eat and beautiful to decorate the cake with. Flowers like Rosemary, Thyme, Chamomile, and the like are herbal and can be added for healthful desserts. It is good to know that the flower shop Singapore has the best kinds of these flowers for all your needs. 

2. Know if the flowers were grown with or without chemicals. 
The florists in Singapore should know your plan of incorporating flowers into flower bouquet cakes so that they can choose which farm to source out those flowers. Some farmers use chemicals as pesticides, and those flowers should be avoided for cake decorations. The florist knows which farmers and suppliers practice organic flower growing. The flowers they grow are not treated with pesticides, thus safe for eating and cake decorating. It is important to make sure that the flowers you are using on the cake are grown properly and safe for everyone. 

3. Know what your florists offer. 
In incorporating edible flowers in your cake, it is an advantage if you will know what your florists offer. This will allow you to maximize the florist delivery of the flowers you plan to order for the celebration and occasion. If you want flowers to be your main interior decoration, even on food and desserts, your best move is to talk to a reliable and professional florist who knows everything about edible flowers. Your florists may have seasonal flowers or tropical flowers that you can maximize to avoid expensive prices, or your florists may have imported flowers that you want for your cake. Before you plan your cake design, see what your online florist offer. 

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4. Know how you can incorporate the flowers in your cake. 
After choosing the types of flowers to use for the cake, it will be helpful if you know how to use flowers in baking and decorating the cake. Some flowers can be added in cake dough and bake while some are just good for the toppings. If you prefer buttercream flower cake, there are also some limitations to consider. Some petals of flowers are not good as toppings because they absorb buttercream icing if cake is left for too long. Cakes with edible flowers combined with buttercream will only last for 4 hours in excellent appearance. Meanwhile, there are certain types of flowers that can last longer even when paired with icings or when topped on cakes. The later you put the flowers the better for the overall appearance and design of the cake. 

5. Know the types of flowers to use for specific flavors
There are edible flowers that can go well with sweets and desserts and there are edible flowers that are just great for spices and herbs. Flowers such as mint flowers, oregano flowers, lemon and ginger flowers can be used to add zest to the cakes. Flowers of Roses, Sunflowers, Jasmine, and Violets can be used for sweet cakes. The scents and fragrance of some edible flowers may also affect the cake. It’s either it will enhance the flavor or ruin the taste. According to professional florists specializing in edible flowers and petals, it is an advantage if you will place your orders ahead of time and let them know what you want and how you want the flowers to arrive for your needs. 

6. Know how to store edible flowers
Edible flowers, whether to use on cakes or desserts or on other dishes, have their proper storage way. If the cake is needed later in the afternoon or if it is baked one day ahead, the edible flowers should be stored separately and kept refrigerated or frozen. They need a separate box or sealed container or plastic wrap. It is essential if you will choose more robust and long lasting flower petals that can withstand time and room temperature. Storing the edible flowers properly will not only give you the perfect flower bouquet cake you expect on special celebrations but will also ensure its taste and quality. 

Buttercream flower bouquet cakes enhanced and decorated with edible flowers are great on any occasions. These reminders will help you have the best tasting edible flower that are grown without using chemicals and pesticides. Your florist in Singapore can help you pick the right suppliers of edible flowers for the cakes you want on your wedding day or birthdays or anniversary celebrations. 

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