Rainbow Macarons Recipe

June 26, 2017

rainbow macarons

These Rainbow Macarons will brighten up the sky and anyone's day! The pastel tones and fluffy white clouds give them a dream-like feel.

I baked them for my niece's first month for a rainbow-themed baby celebration. She's such a ball of cuteness, sleepiness, and poopiness. Can't help but adore her ♥ Pray that she'll grow up to be a happy and healthy lady who will live a meaningful life.

rainbow macarons
10 Tier Macaron Tower with Rainbows and Paddle Pop Macarons

rainbow macarons

rainbow macarons
Turns out at the end of a rainbow, it's a happy stomach haha. 

For these rainbow macarons, I prepared 4 different coloured batter - white, pink, yellow, and blue. Using piping bags with small round tips, pipe each colour of the rainbow, then pipe the clouds. There is no need to let the each colored portion dry before piping the next. 

Very simple to make, despite looking complicated. Try it out for your next rainbow-themed celebration!

Rainbow Macarons
by Sumopocky

Yield: Approximately 18 - 20 macarons

[For Macaron Shells] 
Meringue: 70g of Egg whites + 90g of Castor sugar
80g of Almond flour
80g of Powdered/icing sugar
Food colouring: Blue, Red, Yellow

[For Macaron Filling]
Macaron filling recipes here

[For Macaron Shells] 
1. Make the meringue. In a bowl, beat the egg whites on low speed using an electric mixer until it is white and frothy (approximately 1 minute). Gradually add the sugar 1/4 at a time. When the first addition of sugar has completely dissolved (approximately 1 minute later), increase the mixer speed to medium and add until all the sugar has been incorporated. Continue to beat until stiff peaks form. [Basic Macaron Tutorial Video]
2. Sift the almond flour and icing sugar to the meringue.
3. Begin macaronage. Using a spatula, start the macaronage process by folding and lightly scraping the top of the batter. Continue until the wet and dry ingredients just start to combine.
4. Divide the remaining batter into 4 equal portions and continue the macaronage process, until you get a molten-like mixture and drips down like a ribbon when lifted. Transfer to piping bags with a small round tip. Do not over mix if not the batter will be too runny.
Colour of Batter
Food Colouring
5. Pipe out batter onto parchment paper. Please refer to video above for demonstration. 
6. Let the shells dry in a non humid place or an air conditioned room. You should be able to touch it gently with the tip of your finger without it sticking.
7. Bake in a preheated oven at 150°C for approximately 10 - 13 minutes.
8. Let shells cool before piping with your desired filling.

rainbow macarons

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