December 31, 2016

tsum tsum macaron

Amidst the chaos of life, and my ceaseless chase to achieve self-set goals, came a moment of epiphany - the need to embrace the art of patience. This realisation arrived at the crux of my feelings of anxiety. It's a much needed reminder to slow. it. down. and be willing to wait for good things. 

I am not the type of person who do things without reason; I believe every moment should be put towards something meaningful - be it work, perfecting my skills, or spending quality time with loved ones. You might think it is a good habit to have, but I am unforgivingly strict with myself - to a point that some might consider it extreme or even unhealthy. 

Like clockwork, my mind and body never truly rests. Sleep is just another "to-do" item for the day because the human body has to recharge. I held on so tightly to each second and every moment. I was gasping for breath because the waves that engulfed me made me forget to look at the progress I've made towards my goals. Wave after wave, I assumed I was pushed further and further from where I want to be. My brain failed to register that this fatigue is merely a by-product of the journey towards my dreams. 

I'm not of proud of this jittery self, but now I truly understand the term, "patience is a virtue". 

This is a note to self to take it easy, live in the moment, and take heart that there is no such thing as instantaneous gratification when it comes to achieving our goals - it takes consistent effort. 

This is not one of those overly optimistic and motivational articles, just a humble effort to capture my present thoughts. In all honesty, I don't know if I'll reach my coveted destination, and I don't know if I could accept futile efforts and failure. Though, this should not hold me back from trying... because in the future, I know I'll regret what I didn't do. 

Patience is fuel for the mind to get through the long journey. 

Thus, as time trickles towards the new year, my heart yearns to make a friend with patience. 

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