Merlion Macarons (Kaya Chocolate Filling)

August 09, 2016

Merlion Macarons

Merlion Macarons

Happy Birthday Singapore! These Merlion macarons are dedicated to the icon of Singapore. They are filled with Kaya Chocolate filling, inspired by old-school kaya toast.

The Merlion doesn't look like the traditional image we see; it is my take on making it look cute haha. Some of my friends guessed that its a seal/dog, but most could figure out that it's a Merlion. I originally baked them without the outline of the mane and body, but decided to draw it on with royal icing to make it more obvious.

I love the Kaya Chocolate filling. It is fluffy, fragrant and light. Really simple to make too. Simply melted white chocolate and added kaya. This gives the filling a fuller body and holds the shells together instead of falling flat/slipping around (don't you hate it when macaron shells do that?).

Hope you enjoyed this post! See you again soon. 

with Kaya Chocolate Filling
by Sumopocky

Servings: Approximately 8 macarons
Time: 1.5 hour active time + baking time

[For Macaron Shells] 
Meringue: 35g of Egg whites + 45g of Castor sugar
40g of Almond flour
40g of Powdered/icing sugar
Black food colouring

[For Kaya Chocolate Filling]
40g of White Chocolate
2 tbsp of Kaya

[For Macaron Shells] 
1. Make the meringue. Beat the egg whites on low speed using an electric mixer until it is white and frothy (~ 1 minute). Gradually add the sugar 1/4 at a time. When the first addition of sugar has completely dissolved (approximately 1 minute later), increase the mixer speed to medium and add until all the sugar has been incorporated. Continue to beat until stiff peaks form.
2. Sift the almond flour and icing sugar in a large bowlAdd the meringue to the sifted ground almond flour and icing sugar in Step 1.
3. Begin macaronage process with a spatula until the wet and dry ingredients just start to combine. Read here on how to macaronage.
4. Make different coloured batters.
- Black: Scoop out 1 tbsp and add black food coloring. Mix well and transfer to piping bag with a small tip.
- White: To the remaining the batter, complete the macaronage and transfer to a piping bag with a medium tip and another portion to a piping bag with small tip.
5. Pipe batter on parchment paper. With the white batter and medium tip, pipe out a circle. Tap to remove bubbles. Then let it dry for about 10 minutes and pipe on the face and tail. Draw the details on with black batter (or you can draw with black royal icing when baked).
6. Let the shells dry for approximately 30 minutes in an air-conditioned room. You should be able to touch it gently with the tip of your finger without it sticking.
7. Bake in a preheated oven at 150°C for approximately 10 - 13 minutes. Let it cool.

[For Kaya Chocolate Filling]
1. Melt chocolate chips over a water bath (Create a water bath by resting your bowl over a pot of simmering water) or in a microwave. Stir it occasionally until you get a smooth texture.
2. Mix in Kaya. 
3. Transfer the filling to a piping bag.

Merlion Macarons

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  1. We can find merlion macarons in Singapore. Many people like to eat this because it is filled with kaya chocolate. Kids also like to eat this. Kaya chocolate filling is amazing and it makes the merlion macarons more delicious and tasty.

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