Pokeball Chiffon Cake

July 24, 2016

Pokeball Chiffon Cake

This Pokeball Chiffon Cake fits nicely in the palm of your hand, like an actual Pokeball! Made from classic chiffon cake batter and baked in dome-shaped moulds to achieve the roundness. When baked, chiffon cakes are easy to handle for decoration.

These Pokeballs will be great for a Pokemon themed party too. I baked some pokemon macarons to accompany them. The recipe for the macarons will be up soon!

Pokeball Chiffon Cake

If you want, you can add some colourless food flavouring into the cake batter - e.g. vanilla, pandan or rose. The original flavour is nice on its own, hence I skipped the flavouring. 

Pokeball Chiffon Cake
Silicon dome-shaped baking mould

The most important thing about this recipe is the dome-shaped baking mould. I purchased mine from Qoo10 at a pretty affordable price. This mould is a good investment as it is also useful for making mini dome cakes or chocolate dome balls.

Pokemon trainers, do try this recipe out! 

cute desserts singaporePOKEBALL CHIFFON CAKE
by Sumopocky

Dome-shaped baking mould
Baking sheet
Electric mixer

4 Pokeballs

3 Egg Whites
32g of Caster sugar

3 Egg Yolks
32g of Caster sugar
1g of Salt
22ml of Vegetable Oil
33ml of Warm water (~ 40C)

54g of Cake flour
1g of Baking powder

Red food colouring
Black food colouring

1. Prepare meringue. Beat the egg whites and caster sugar on an electric mixer till stiff peaks form.
2. Beat egg yolks, caster sugar, and salt in a separate bowl over a water bath. Beat till the egg yolks lighten in colour and looks creamy.
3. Whisk in 1/3 of meringue to the egg yolk batter.
4. Sift in cake flour and baking powder.
5. Pour in vegetable oil and warm water to the batter.
6. Split the batter and remaining meringue into 3 portions:
2/5 for white batter, 2/5 for red batter, and 1/5 for black batter.
Then, to each bowl, gently fold in the meringue. Add food colouring to achieve red and black batter.
7. Bake in a preheated oven at 170°C for about 20 minutes.

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  1. How large were the molds? Thank you.

    1. Hi, roughly 6cm diameter per round cavity

    2. Thanks! I will try this recipe out. It is very cute!

  2. Can I use food gel instead of food colouring?