Matcha Donuts Recipe: Toy Story Alien - SumoWeekends

September 07, 2015

Hi all! If you are unaware, I am the resident blogger at Project Weekends and write baking posts every first Monday of the month. My latest post is up, featuring Toy Story Alien Donuts in matcha green tea flavour. 

If you don't have any special plans this weekend, how about baking these donuts? You can make them with your friends and family as a good way to spend quality time. The recipe is simple and suitable even for the novice bakers! I used hotcake mix for this recipe so the texture is nice and chewy. 

Also, we will be giving a silicon donut mat to one lucky winner, so head down to their Facebook page for the giveaway details


If you're a fan of Toy Story, you might also be interested in these Toy Story Alien Macarons I made previously. P.S. If you like anything you see on this site, email to order!

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