Mickey & Minnie Donuts (Bandung Rose Flavour)

August 09, 2015

Disney Donuts - Rose Bandung Flavour

Happy Birthday Singapore! ♥

In tribute to our nation's 50th anniversary, here are some baked disney donuts in bandung (rose) flavour. One of my favourite local beverage is the signature pink bandung drink, which is essentially milk with rose syrup.

For the longest time, I've been searching for wilton's non-stick donut pan. However, those that I came across were simply too expensive. I finally found them at Bake King (in Haig Road) and they were selling the mini-donut pan at only SGD $8.99!

Even though I'd prefer the normal sized donut pan, it's better than nothing. The pleasantly surprising fact is that the mini-donuts turned out looking cuter than a normal sized donut. So, yay! It's my new favourite baking purchase and I look forward to baking more donuts with it.

This is an extremely simple recipe, making use of Japanese hotcake mix that you can easily find in Daiso or other supermarkets. It's also a healthier alternative as compared to fried donuts. This will even be good for a breakfast-in-bed special treat. So, please try it out, and I hope you like it!

(Bandung Rose Flavour)
Equipment: Donut pan
Servings: 12 mini-donuts, or 6 normal sized donuts
Time: 15min active time + 15min baking time

[For Donut]
1 Egg
2 tbsp of Caster sugar
2 tbsp of Maple Syrup
100ml of Fresh Milk
200g of Hotcake Mix
1 tbsp of Melted unsalted butter
1 tsp of Rose flavouring
A few drops of red food colouring

[For Topping]
60g of Dark chocolate
1 tbsp of Heavy cream
Some biscuits for the ears
20g of White chocolate
A few drops of yellow and red food colouring

[For Donut]
1. Beat the egg in a large bowl.
2. Mix in the sugar and maple syrup, followed by the fresh milk.
3. Using a spatula, stir in the hotcake mixture. Following which, add the melted butter and make sure everything is well combined.
4. Add the rose flavouring and red food colouring to get a pink batter.
5. Lightly grease the donut pan with butter and transfer the batter to the mould, filling it only 3/4 full.
6. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 15 minutes. Let it cool.

[For Topping]
1. In a microwaveable dish, heat the heavy cream in a microwave at 800W for 15 seconds. 
2. Pour in the dark chocolate and mix until the chocolate melts. If needed, put it in the microwave at 5 seconds a time and mix in between each round till melted. 
3. Dip the top half of the donuts in the chocolate and let the excess drip away. 
4. Before the chocolate hardens, immerse the biscuits in dark chocolate and attach them to form the ears of the mickey and minnie. 
5. For the finishing touches, melt white chocolate and separate into 3 portions - white, yellow, and pink (add food colouring to get colours). Transfer into a piping bag and draw on the details. 

I bit off Mickey's ear. Om nom nom. 

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