A film on moving on: Delicacy (2012)

June 11, 2015

Delicacy (2012) (French: La délicatesse) is a movie about moving on. A girl named Amélie, played by Audrey Tautou, finds her life crashing down after her husband passes away. After a decent period of mourning, she meets two potential men who might just help her to move on.

With an undertone of sadness and doubt, just like how people often feel after losing a lover, the film still manages to charm and tug on your heartstrings. Amélie's journey to move forward from the trauma of the death of her spouse brings hope to others who have experienced the same.

This is the kind of film to watch on a rainy day, with a warm drink and comfy sheets. You'll find yourself wanting to get close to the characters in the film and get to know them like you're making a friend, just like when you're reading a novel and you get attached to the characters.

Best Quotes from Delicacy (2012) 
1. I mean, I know I need to move on, but I feel a sort of strange loyalty to the past. Like a weight that's impossible to shift.

2. Markus: I must be careful.
Amélie: Of what?
Markus: You need to ask that? Just look.. Look around us. Look at you. I'm going to fall in love. It's ridiculous.

3. It's terrible, but tragedy makes her even more beautiful. 

4. With Francois, time flashes by. It's as if he can skip days, make weeks without Thursdays. Is that what happiness is. No more Thursdays.

5. If I could build up a sun, an empire
Without thinking twice
100,000 times I'd do it for you;
If I could change everything
and I could challenge death
I would go to seek for you
Never to leave you again;
If the light of dawn
Could bring back your handsome body and your warmth, my love
I'd no longer be afraid when I close my eyes;
I hear your voice and I hope to find you again at last
My sweet love for all eternity

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