Sumopocky: A Therapeutic Retreat

May 05, 2015

Why Do I Blog?

Often times, life gets overwhelming where I feel like a rabbit in headlights that is circling around aimlessly, bearings absolutely lost.

In situations like these, I turn to recipes, books and films.

Simply put, baking is my therapy; And if that doesn't work, I'd turn to reading or watching films. Thus, Sumopocky is my therapeutic retreat where I seek calmness in recipes (mostly), books and films. 

It was not until recently that I realized how baking helps me to de-stress, calms me down, and silences my over-active thoughts. 

Maybe it's the hypnotizing fashion in which the ingredients whir together in an electric mixer, or maybe my dough becomes a stress-ball when I knead.

Watching the macaron shells rise and form feet is like catching the sunrise - you feel triumphant for witnessing a beautiful sight.

Then there's the smell. Oh, the scent of freshly baked goods wafting from the oven and beckoning you for a bite. It's like the smell of fresh leather in a spanking new car or the smell of crisp pages when flipping through a new book. 

Going through the entire baking process is some sort of calming ritual. Sure, there are bad baking days that drive me over the edge of craziness. However when it goes smoothly, witnessing the dessert come together from just plain ingredients is beyond satisfying. 

Everyone finds peace in different things, mine happens to be through baking. My blog doesn't often reflect the extent of how big a role baking has to my mental health, and I am finally giving it the credit it deserves.

Thank you to the first baker who had the idea of combining egg, flour, milk, sugar, and butter to make the first cake. Truly a scientist in the kitchen, and a protector of sanity!

Back to the point - I blog to share about the good things in life that come from stepping into the kitchen, or scouring through a novel, or watching a well-directed and scripted film.

So this is Sumopocky -  a therapeutic retreat through recipes, books, and films. 


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