Snowman Macarons

November 27, 2014

It's the time of the year again - Christmas is around the corner.

Just a snowmacaron patiently counting down to Christmas on a park bench.

Christmas always seems to start one month earlier. Society gets up and buzzing with enchanting Christmas lights and decorations as early as November, all in a bid to usher us into the festive season. However, some might feel like we are being ushered into the harsh reality that yet another year has passed. Is that why the Grinch was so unhappy? 

Looking at it from another perspective, as over-enthusiastic as it may be to put up Christmas decorations one month in advance, it could be a blessing. This is because it gives us time to ease into the fact that yes, this year is coming to an end, and yes we may not be pleased with how we have passed the year; but it's okay.

Why? Because there's still one more month to do something about it. It could be a small attempt to get some tasks checked off the "to-do" list - anything to make you feel better. Alternatively, we can see it as time given to allow us to come to terms with the year's events and acknowledge them gracefully.  

So apart from love and giving that Christmas stands for, it is also a time for self-assurance that it's fine that not all things worked out, at least some things did.

So go with the flow, let yourself be washed up in the festive joy and welcome a fresh beginning with the new year. Join this snowmacaron and countdown to Christmas. 

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