White Chocolate Chip Walnut Brownies

May 29, 2014

Hi! Today I'm taking a break from Project Laduréed with a new brownie recipe! I previously shared a recipe for Mascarpone Brownies, but decided to try out a different recipe this time as I wanted to bake something with walnuts (one of my favourite nuts).

The first dessert that came to my mind when I thought of something with walnuts were brownies. It's one of the classic combinations, like peanut butter and jelly sandwich, oreo cookies with milk, and dark chocolate with raspberries. 

This is a simple recipe for a batch of moist and rich brownies, perfect for any chocolate lover. Read on for the recipe!


140g Flour
4 Eggs
150g Walnuts
50g White chocolate chips
230g Dark Chocolate (chopped)
300g Caster sugar
230g Unsalted butter
40g Cocoa Powder

1. Melt butter in a pot over heat and add in the sugar.
2. Beat the eggs and add them to the mixture one at a time, making sure to mix constantly.
3. Add in the dark chocolate and mix until smooth.
4. Sift the flour and cocoa powder into the mixture and mix well.
5. Fold the chocolate chips and walnuts into the mixture.
6. Bake at 180C in a preheated oven for 30 minutes.

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