Norwegian Wood

March 30, 2014

I find myself staring at a blank screen with the insert cursor blinking away furiously like a flashing traffic light. It urges me to form a coherent sentence, to write a short phrase, or to simply type a word. Each blink is a second gone!

Five minutes pass, and still a white screen. It starts to lose its patience and the taunting commences.

"Type something, you fool!"

In a frenzy, I search the depths of my mind for a note-worthy topic, only to discover that my thoughts are as messy as the veins on a leaf. They branch out from the stem onto the blade of the leaf, each vein seemingly appears as if they have an important story. But each vein branches into even finer veins, and they eventually get stopped short by one another.

The truth of the matter is that my thoughts are fragmented and they get in each other's way. One thought triggers another and it's easy to lose myself in them.

Here I am, incapable of writing eloquent paragraphs about my life or emotions. So please excuse me while I borrow the words of an author to convey my thoughts (or at least segments of it).

Presenting to you, quotes from Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. 

1. I straightened up and looked out of the window (...), thinking of all I had lost in the course of my life: times gone for ever, friends who had died or disappeared, feelings I would never know again.

2. Death exists, not as the opposite but as a part of life.

3. “Hey, Kizuki, I thought, you're not missing a damn thing. This world is a piece of shit. The arseholes are getting good marks and helping to create a society in their own disgusting image.”

4. Everything seems pointless since you left.

5. When it's raining like this, it feels as if we're the only ones in the world. I wish it would just keep raining so the three of us could stay together.

6. "Will you really come to see me again?"
"Of course I will."
"Even if I can't do anything for you?"
I nodded in the darkness.

7. People are strange when you're a stranger.

8. But it was me after all. It was me.

On another note, here's a painting I did for my mum. She loves coffee and birds. Maybe I shall call this painting, Latte Bath. I think it's a quirky and apt name. 

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