Valentine's Macarons

January 26, 2014

Hi there! Presenting to you a batch of valentine's day macarons, lovingly baked and designed by yours truly. Hearts, sprinkles, pearls... all the lovely things in delicious macarons. They come in 6 different flavours - salted caramel (new!), earl grey, raspberry, dark chocolate, buttercream, and matcha green tea. 

The highlight of this batch of macarons is definitely the salted caramel flavour! It's about time I tried something more ambitious, and thus I made one of the most popular macaron flavours out there. While I'm not crazy about caramel flavoured sweets and desserts, some of my friends were urging me to make them, and I'm glad that I did. They turned out great (coming from me, who isn't a big fan of salted caramel!) If salted popcorn and sweetened popcorn had a baby, I'm pretty sure they'd taste like salted caramel. Haha. No more need to split the popcorn into half salted, half sweetened. 

I baked Earl Grey again after receiving great feedback from my friends who tried them the previous time (from my christmas macaron batch). I wish there were more tea flavoured desserts in the market (other than earl grey and matcha). Perhaps I should make a batch of tea-flavoured macarons in the future? :) 

And here's another tea-flavoured macaron coming your way! Matcha green tea flavoured macarons! I was super generous with the matcha powder, because I really wanted its taste to come forward. I love love love love love matcha. If you love matcha, you need to try these ;)

The buttercream macarons are for those who love the traditional sweetness of a macaron! I love how smooth the filling is and how it melts in my mouth. For my christmas macarons, I made buttercream with raspberry filling. This time round, I decided to let the buttercream take centre stage without the raspberry stealing the attention. I can't decide which I like better! Both are great in their own ways. 

Not to forget, the classic dark chocolate. Instead of getting a box of chocolates, why not get some chocolate macarons? Perfect for valentine's day. 

And finally, raspberry macarons! I'm berry crazy about these raspberry macarons. Can't get over the tanginess of the macarons. These raspberry macarons are embellished with a cute little red heart, just like the rich red colour of the raspberry fillings. They are the edible form of red roses. haha. 

I'm selling these macarons in box of sixes! Each box features the six different flavours. I just think it's a great alternative to chocolates or roses, something more unconventional. It'd put a smile on anyone's faces. So if you're interested to order, please email me at Limited number of boxes only! Thank you ^___^ 

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