Made a GIANT Hokkaido BAKE Cheese Tart, and had no regrets

January 15, 2017

bake cheese tart recipe

bake cheese tart recipe

The first time I took a bite of the highly raved Hokkaido Bake Cheese Tart, my heart made a promise to learn how to bake something similar. My mouth almost couldn't comprehend the complexity of the the tart - crunchy and buttery tart crust, yet the filling is so warm, smooth and creamy, slightly sweet but with a punch of saltiness that's characteristic of cheese.

bake cheese tart recipe

What is BAKE Cheese tart? 
"BAKE’s freshly baked cheese tarts have their origins in Kinotoya, a long-established Western confectionery store in Sapporo, Hokkaido. We pour our heart and soul into creating delectable cheese tarts. We have created a style where our customers can enjoy freshly baked cheese tarts at their freshest right until the last order—each and every day, without ever selling out."

Thanks to the lovely Meg from Dreamersloft, I am now able to bake a cheese tart that tastes similar to the ones from BAKE #NoMoreQueueing. (Thank you Meg!) I modified the recipe slightly, using my own tart crust recipe, and also substituted the mascarpone cheese with other kinds of cheese (as they were not available in my nearest grocery store).

bake cheese tart recipe

Feeling greedier and more adventurous than normal, I toyed with the idea of baking a GIANT CHEESE TART... and I did it. If you're wondering if there's a different in taste between the my mini cheese tart and giant cheese tart, there isn't.

In fact, BAKE created mini cheese tarts opposed to a large one because they discovered that their tarts taste the best when eaten warm. Thus, for one to enjoy a tart on the spot, they created a single portion serving.

Either way, their cheese tart is truly unique. While I cannot create the exact same thing, this is the closest I can get... and that's enough goodness to be thankful about.

bake cheese tart recipe HOKKAIDO BAKE CHEESE TART RECIPE

1 x 5.5" Tart and 6 Mini tarts
or 2 x 5.5" Tart

[For Tart Crust]
Click here for recipe

[For Cheese Custard]
Adapted from Dreamersloft's original recipe
220g of Cream Cheese
15g of Mozzarella
15g of Parmesan Cheese
30g of Unsalted butter
100g of Fresh milk
30g of Icing sugar
8g of Corn starch
1 Egg
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp sea salt 
2-3 Egg yolks for brushing on top of custard 

[For Tart Crust]

[For Cheese Custard]
1. Fill half a pot with boiling water and lower the heat to medium. Place a metal bowl over the pot and add the cream cheese, mozzarella, and parmesan with fresh milk and butter. Stir until everything is melted. 
2. Add sifted corn starch and icing sugar. Mix well.
3. Add the egg, vanilla extract and salt. Continue mixing until the custard thickens and let it cool down completely. If you want a more runny consistency, then reduce cooking time. The consistency of the cheese custard will only defer slightly before and after baking.
4. Transfer the cheese custard into piping bags, and fill the tart crusts. Brush the top with beaten egg yolks.
5. Bake in a preheated oven at 230°C for 6 - 7 minutes. You do not have to increase the timing for the giant tart. I placed the oven rack on the second shelf (4 shelves in total). Best served warm!

bake cheese tart recipe

bake cheese tart recipe

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  1. Thank you so much for this recipe! I had seen other recipes before but it needs mascarpone cheese which is pretty expensive and hard to find in our country. Will try this soon!

  2. Oh and question.. for the filling, should i use real butter or substitute butter will do?

    1. Hi! Glad you like the recipe. Mascarpone is expensive, thus I replaced with other kinds of cheese :) Please use real unsalted butter :)