Signature Cakes

Select from a range of signature cakes from Sumopocky. All cakes are baked with quality ingredients and no preservatives added! Customised cakes are available too.


When will my order be ready?
Please place orders at least 7 days in advance and indicate your preferred date of collection when placing your order.

Do you accept rushed order?
Rushed orders will be accepted based on availability.

How do I know if my order is confirmed?
Orders are only confirmed when you receive a confirmation email after payment is made. 

How do I receive my order?
You can opt for collection or delivery. Delivery services available at $25. 

Other Terms & Conditions
• Serving sizes are estimates and depends on how the cake is sliced.
• Please note that actual products might differ slightly in shape and colour. Rest assured that the taste and quality will not be affected.
• As items are perishable, returns are not accepted. If there is any significant damage or issue not caused by the customer's mishandling, please contact Sumopocky immediately.